Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day through Symone's Eyes

Whatever the holiday, our oldest daughter, Symone, is all about making cards...For Valentine's she made beautiful heart shaped cards for each of her sisters and both Billy and I.  As we enjoyed our 'fancy' dinner by candlelight and flowers, she was chomping at the bits to share them.  Once everyone had been served their piece of 'fancy' strawberry, red raspberry cake, Mo was given the go ahead to pass them out.  Each sister first and then Mom and Dad's.  Each sister asked Dad and I to read their cards to them.  What Symone (age 7) chose to share with each one of us was so to the point, telling and exactly what one would know her to feel in her genuine and true.  Here is what she wrote to each of us:

Stephanie (age 4 - closest in age to Symone) - "You have yoer mamihts but i still love you.  Happy V-Day"

Faith (age 3 - she adores her big sister Symone) - "Happy V-Day!! Love Moy"  with a heart and flower drawing

Sarah (age 2 - she is full of onry) - "Happy V-Day trouble maker #1! I love you"

Dad - "Your full of love I just now it!"

Me - "I saw you cissing Dady this morning!"

Steph was upset that she didn't have a heart and flower like Faith and asked Symone to add it to her card...she wants Symone to love her and like her too...

It was all so precious and special...we have decided we will have a 'fancy' dinner with our girls once a month.  We all had such a special time!


The Boss of this page said...

Oh my goodness that is cute!

Torina said...

Aw, how sweet! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!