Thursday, February 16, 2012


I can not get enough of this fabulous tune

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have been in serious internal debate about whether or not to go back to a JOB....I really do not see how I possibly could with the appointments, IEP's, laundry, errands and what not but, the question of whether or not I 'should' remains....Billy stays rather quiet on it...I think he is good with whatever keeps me calmer and the house running smoothly (like it ever does HA).  BUT, yesterday, as I completed the running here and there and hit me...I could not do ANY of this, what I am doing today, what is SO IMPORTANT to my friends right now, if I had a JOB.  My friends husband was in a serious bike accident 2 weeks ago tomorrow...because I am home, I have been able to help out at their home.  I have been able to run the kids to school in the morning, take/make them lunch while they have been ill this week, help others to prepare food, serve meals....If I had to be at a JOB from 8 to 4, I would have been of no use to them in the ways I have been. It just really hit me that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing for this season.  I am to be right here, for the girls, for Billy and for friends that I love dearly, in their time of need....I am so grateful that we are financially in a place that allows this, I do not take it for granted, at all

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Whoooohoooooo! I cant post from iPhone!

Ok I'm sharing the link `

Ok, I'm just disappointed in Facebook lately...Its turning into Twitter, IMO....focus on status updates, simplified layout, less notes, documents....more following where you are, who you are with....IDC....I hate Twitter....I'm way to verbal, wordy, emotional, opinionated and in need of sharing of experience through stories and moments then Twitter or Twitter lite (Facebook) can now provide.  So, I wont leave Facebook, yet, but I'm going to spend more time over here.  And the bonus, for YOU, is that IF you want to catch up on our family, you can choose to come over and do so, BUT, Facebook wont decide for you by filling up your page.  I feel like I'm over sharing on FB sometimes and that's I will over share on this blog! HA! I will share the usual stuff plus all of our cooking adventures as we are big time foodies!  I HAD a fun Facebook group for sharing cooking until FB updates, ggggrrrrrr....I will also share stories about the girls....frustrations of parenting, etc and just daily funny stuff.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Going to DO THIS doggonnitt!!!!!!!!

So, I am going to do this!!!!!!! I have friends who want to read, so YOU all need to help me out and hold me accountable! ;-) Yes, I just gave you a job!  And, since I do not, at this point have a plan or focus as to what I will write about....I'm just going to start with a status update and add a bit....Please give me shout outs if you have something you want to hear me rant about or any random topic starters are great too!

So.....Today I am going to let go of what others expect of me, what others think I should do, and how others think I should feel....only I know what it is like to be me....and I am going to do what I need to do today for, reading for my Bible study class, reading up on kid 'issues', laundry, cleaning, calling flooring guys, emailing teachers, finishing up the bills/bank stuff, cleaning the house (though before the weekend this seems very silly), prepping/planning Valentines fondue night for the girls and Hubby, finding SOMETHING to wear to date night at church tonight ;-).....but 1st I'm having another cup of coffee, by the fire ;-)

I have been letting myself get VERY upset, out of sorts and frankly depressed by how others question my decisions, my way of doing things, and in general just my life.  I have to change this immediately.  It is really wearing me down.  Surrounding myself with strong, faithful and uplifting MOMS has been such a blessing and help with this....I need to build this up even more...AND, I must take time to just be with myself and God every. single. has always calmed my soul to do this...and yet I have not made it a, off I go to get to this