Monday, January 26, 2009

ok so here goes my craziness and emotional state

i give up trying to edit and 'think' before i post........................doesn't work for me.  I'll never post that way!  so, today.....on google talk, which seems to be the best way for my baby, aka husband Billy and I to communicate, our conversation went something like this (I verbally threw up on him so to speak):  him:  "i'm tired and beat down" oh, ok well let me run down the list of nonsense that i deal with daily/weekly/monthly...and this is a starter list...for the next 3 months!

meds for all girls...clonidine, ritalin, concerta, zoloft - times 3 girls
and have to request 'new' scripts for concerta and ritalin each month - controlled substance and all
occupational therapy appointments x3 girls - parking garage, long walk, 2, 3, and 4 year old, fun stuff
psychotherapy appointment x1 - with 2 year old in tow
psychiatrist appointment x3 once a month
teacher chats/calls/issues x3
daycare issues - dcfs paperwork/reimbursement, diapers/wipes
dental appointments x3 (every 6 months but it is in the list of scheduling)
new school transition meetings x1
prek screenings for 2
IEP meeting for 1
kindergarten registration/k - night fun x1
haircuts x2 with 2 year old in tow
hair relaxer x1
plan for vacation - cancel condo g'parents suddenly decide not to go!  
board dogs x3 trips till july
pay all bills
balance bank/checking accounting
get oil changed/check breaks which are locking - not done as of this post HA!
housekeeping/laundry/grocery shopping
organizing/maintaining household
school stuff - snack week x3...classroom food 'prep' x2
dogs - vet appointments
i'm sure i have forgotten tons on the list!!!!

oh...i forgot to mention...acupunture weekly so we can try one last time to have a biological to carry a child...

oh and don't forget, i work outside the house for 3 days each week!!!  and not an easy, no stress, unemotional with early childhood families and special education...

be sure i'll add to the list when i remember/notice tomorrow!  

Billy's response:  "oh...I'll do more"


I feel better just writing it out...

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The Boss of this page said...

hahhahahaa-oh my gosh! i think i want to take back my application!!! :D