Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ok I'm sharing the link `

Ok, I'm just disappointed in Facebook lately...Its turning into Twitter, IMO....focus on status updates, simplified layout, less notes, documents....more following where you are, who you are with....IDC....I hate Twitter....I'm way to verbal, wordy, emotional, opinionated and in need of sharing of experience through stories and moments then Twitter or Twitter lite (Facebook) can now provide.  So, I wont leave Facebook, yet, but I'm going to spend more time over here.  And the bonus, for YOU, is that IF you want to catch up on our family, you can choose to come over and do so, BUT, Facebook wont decide for you by filling up your page.  I feel like I'm over sharing on FB sometimes and that's I will over share on this blog! HA! I will share the usual stuff plus all of our cooking adventures as we are big time foodies!  I HAD a fun Facebook group for sharing cooking until FB updates, ggggrrrrrr....I will also share stories about the girls....frustrations of parenting, etc and just daily funny stuff.

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