Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have been in serious internal debate about whether or not to go back to a JOB....I really do not see how I possibly could with the appointments, IEP's, laundry, errands and what not but, the question of whether or not I 'should' remains....Billy stays rather quiet on it...I think he is good with whatever keeps me calmer and the house running smoothly (like it ever does HA).  BUT, yesterday, as I completed the running here and there and hit me...I could not do ANY of this, what I am doing today, what is SO IMPORTANT to my friends right now, if I had a JOB.  My friends husband was in a serious bike accident 2 weeks ago tomorrow...because I am home, I have been able to help out at their home.  I have been able to run the kids to school in the morning, take/make them lunch while they have been ill this week, help others to prepare food, serve meals....If I had to be at a JOB from 8 to 4, I would have been of no use to them in the ways I have been. It just really hit me that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing for this season.  I am to be right here, for the girls, for Billy and for friends that I love dearly, in their time of need....I am so grateful that we are financially in a place that allows this, I do not take it for granted, at all

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