Friday, February 10, 2012

Going to DO THIS doggonnitt!!!!!!!!

So, I am going to do this!!!!!!! I have friends who want to read, so YOU all need to help me out and hold me accountable! ;-) Yes, I just gave you a job!  And, since I do not, at this point have a plan or focus as to what I will write about....I'm just going to start with a status update and add a bit....Please give me shout outs if you have something you want to hear me rant about or any random topic starters are great too!

So.....Today I am going to let go of what others expect of me, what others think I should do, and how others think I should feel....only I know what it is like to be me....and I am going to do what I need to do today for, reading for my Bible study class, reading up on kid 'issues', laundry, cleaning, calling flooring guys, emailing teachers, finishing up the bills/bank stuff, cleaning the house (though before the weekend this seems very silly), prepping/planning Valentines fondue night for the girls and Hubby, finding SOMETHING to wear to date night at church tonight ;-).....but 1st I'm having another cup of coffee, by the fire ;-)

I have been letting myself get VERY upset, out of sorts and frankly depressed by how others question my decisions, my way of doing things, and in general just my life.  I have to change this immediately.  It is really wearing me down.  Surrounding myself with strong, faithful and uplifting MOMS has been such a blessing and help with this....I need to build this up even more...AND, I must take time to just be with myself and God every. single. has always calmed my soul to do this...and yet I have not made it a, off I go to get to this

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