Friday, March 13, 2009

My Picture!

So...I am always the photographer and very rarely the photographed!  Until now...our local, fabulous photographer/artist, Sarah Petty, was offering Facebook headshots, of all things, to raise money for her new charity.  I called immediately and set up the appointment...then, the day of, all I wanted to do was cancel!  It's not about how I look, unhappy with it or whatever, it was about being so stinking self-conscious of myself PERIOD!  I can smile, laugh whatever with the kids and others, but alone, I feel so uncomfortable. Still don't really know what this was/is about but I'm so glad I made myself do it anyway and have some great pictures of ME!


The Boss of this page said...

And this is a CUTE shot.

Linda B. said...

I just found you through another blog. This is a very nice photo! I have the exact same problem with photos. I tell everyone once I die nobody will know I existed.